Low power consumption, low operating costs, aeration and recirculation of sludge, effective water evaporation.

The turner implements the following functions:

  • Automatic, uniform spreading of fresh sludge over the entire surface of the hall,
  • Uniform turning and aeration of the sludge,
  • Mixing the sludge into the selected section of the dryer,
  • Sludge recirculation,
  • Prism formation,
  • Smooth speed control of the turner,
  • Sludge turning in the layer up to 40 cm and above,
  • Mechanical ventilation,
  • Mixing of sludge given after dewatering with dry sludge taken from the end of the drying hall without contact with the dried sludge bed.

General information

Voltage [V] 400
Frequency [Hz] 50
Speed of rotation [rpm] 0-70
Speed of ride [m/min] 0-4/8
Mass [t] 4
Material Stainless steel 1.4307