The offer of innovative solutions for processing municipal waste and other difficult organic waste, process control for biological stabilization of municipal waste disposal landfill leachate and domestic sewage and industrial, as well as limit the impact of landfills on the environment includes:

  • technology of biodrying municipal waste based on a system of control D4F ™, which takes into account the humidity measurement of waste on-line.
  • technology of aerobic biostabilization and composting using control system SMACOMS ™ which is based on an algorithm taking into account the dynamic index of respiratory DRI (ang. Dynamic Respiration Index) which is calculated on-line.
  • Maximum Yield of Energy – maximizing energy recovery MYE ™ from the processing of municipal waste recycled in bioreactors:
  • Technology of shallow wetlands system STW ™ for wastewater, landfill leachate supporting waste processing in recirculated bioreactors,
  • Zero-Effluent Treatment Wetland – wetland systems ZETW ™ to support leachate management generated during biostabilization and waste storage.